Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trump 2016 v McCain 2008 through the Super Tuesday primaries: Trump wins by 45%

Trump beats McCain in every state except for liberal Vermont, 3.358 million to 2.317 million:

IA: Trump .045m v McCain .016m
NH: .100m v .089m
SC: .239m v .148m
NV: .034m v .006m
GA: .501m v .305m
TN: .332m v .175m
VA: .355m v .244m
MA: .311m v .204m
VT: .019m v .028m
MN: .024m v .014m
AL: .371m v .211m
OK: .130m v .123m
AK: .007m v .002m
TX: .757m v .708m
AR: .133m v .044m.

Trump in 2016 also beats Romney in 2012 by 33%, 3.358 million votes to 2.519 million, losing to Romney only in Texas (prefers homeboy Ted Cruz) and Vermont (prefers liberals).

Incidentally, despite Romney outperforming McCain overall in this comparison which ought to be a natural outgrowth of increasing population, he underperformed McCain in Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Minnesota, Alabama and Oklahoma in 2012, an ominous sign for Romney. There was little enthusiasm for the man in too many places, which his recent demonstrations of disloyalty only underscore.

But Trump is crushing them both.

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