Sunday, July 31, 2016

Clinton gets one-point bump in PPP poll, PPP calls this "much more positive"

She's at +5 now but she was at +7 in the spring.

Where's the love for this nothing burger, man?

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a clean energy CRACKPOT

Hillary Clinton said today in Johnstown, PA, here:

"We're going to install half a billion solar panels and generate enough clean energy to power every home in America within 10 years."

Oh where oh where to begin?

Your average residential customer used 911 kWh/month in 2014.

Where I live where the sun gives me about 4 to 4.5 sun hours per day, this means I'd need a 9kw system.

A complete do-it-yourself system (!) of that size will cost me $17,600! (And let's not even mention all the things that will not do for me that the current grid does).

But guess what? It's composed of 36 PANELS!

500 million panels divided by 36 yields just south of 14 million homes equipped like mine.

But in 2014 there were almost 134 million households, so 120 million of you are OUT OF LUCK!

Meanwhile the cost for the lucky 13.8 million is about $243 billion, which I'm sure Hillary will make Donald Trump pay for.

Solar power still accounts for just 1.07% of total US electricity in 2016 despite Barack Obama's many promises to expand it, about 43.2 TWh using the most generous assumptions.

Residential customers alone consumed 1,407.2 TWh of electricity in 2014, about 34% of total 2014 consumption.

To come close to doing with solar what Hillary Clinton promised today would cost well in excess of $2 trillion.

Not. Gonna. Happen. Ever. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

You'd think by now Rush Limbaugh would have connected last night's Democrat "patriotism" to Rahm Emanuel's 2006 strategy

In 2006 Rahm Emanuel successfully recruited "conservatives" to run for Congress and wrested control of the House away from Republicans by running them as pro-lifers and fiscal conservatives in competitive districts. The strategy worked and set the stage for the failure of the Bush administration and the 2008 election of Barack Obama.

The sudden eruption of overt patriotism at the Democrat convention this week after Republican criticisms should worry the Trump campaign. Lyin' Ted is history. Now it's Lyin' Hillary, not just about her e-mails and Benghazi, but now about her love of country.

They're trying to fool the country again. And you know the saying about foolin' some of the people . . . some of the people is all it takes.

GDP "anomalies" have been showing since 2011 that "the US economy is in serious, long-term trouble"

Jeffrey Snider, here:

The US economy is in serious, long-term trouble. We knew that very well by the volatile nature of GDP almost from the start (the big negative in Q1 2011, for example). Because orthodox economics is entirely obsessed with the economy that “should be”, it favors smoothing out what is truly pertinent texture because it isn’t directly cyclical by implication. What the mainstream needs is not to try to turn statistics into “ideal” numbers, but to actually see them for what they represent especially when they stray into unexpected ranges. From that perspective, weak quarters were not “anomalies” to be dismissed in a fit of confirmation bias, but rather warnings that actually explain how we got here and why everything from economists, especially“overheating”, was unlikely from the start.

Population is up 22 million since 2007, but Obama's added only 1.7 million extra full-time jobs in 9 years!

After 30 pathetic quarters Obama GDP lags Bush GDP by 35%

Bush grew current dollar GDP by 41.5% after 30 quarters. Obama has grown GDP by just 26.7%.

Bush GDP grew by $4.34 trillion while Obama GDP grew by $3.89 trillion over the comparable periods.

Current dollar GDP in the last three years has been growing by an average of $596 billion year over year. With two quarters to go and if that average continues to obtain, Obama GDP will grow by $4.2 trillion total, or 29%.

Bush GDP finished up 39%.

Obama GDP is thus likely to end up lagging Bush GDP by over 25% in the final analysis.

Under Bill Clinton current dollar GDP grew by $3.77 trillion or 56%.

GDP bombs: 1.2% in 2Q2016 vs. 2.6% predicted, 1Q dialed back to 0.8% from 1.1%

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Steve King, the man behind Ted Cruz in Iowa, actually sticks up for whitey

Maybe I've been too hard on the guy.

Story here.

Michael Savage is an idiot, says for the average American the economy's doing just fine

Wealth insulates this book-selling jibber-jabberer with a microphone from the facts, because he has no incentive to look into them.

Incomes are flat since January 2000, housing and other hard assets are sky high and out of reach for 90% of individual wage earners. Full-time jobs are barely 2.75 million higher in number today than they were in 2007. This fool doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

Don't worry, though, tomorrow the economy will be terrible, and he might even notice because all he does is follow the headlines.

GDP revisions come out in the morning at 0830 hours, Eastern. That should give him plenty of time to think about it, being on the Left coast as he is.

But will he?

Hypocrites of the Revolution: Same as it ever was

She's ready . . . to suck your blood

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Democrat National Committee National Finance Director Jordan Kaplan: I love you too, but, you know, not like THAT!

Trump's smart campaign is hard at work in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio

The Trump campaign is deploying Mike Pence to Grand Rapids and Novi in Michigan today and tomorrow, and Waukesha, Wisconsin tomorrow.

Trump himself is in Toledo, Ohio today.

West Michigan and Wisconsin were Cruz country in the primary season, places where a traditional conservative like Mike Pence will get a more positive response.

Hillary's Deputy Chief of Staff at State, Jake Sullivan, is suddenly worried about "national security" but used Hillary's private server

Here's Sullivan on Trump's remarks made at his one hour news conference today:

Said advisor Jake Sullivan: "This has to be the first time that a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent. That's not hyperbole, those are just the facts. This has gone from being a matter of curiosity, and a matter of politics, to being a national security issue."

But Politico reported in February, here:

Hillary Clinton's top national security and foreign policy staffer Jake Sullivan was one of the authors of messages that appeared on several Hillary Clinton email chains recently labeled "top secret" by the State Department, according to multiple intelligence sources who have seen the correspondence.

The GOP details Jake Sullivan's own role in the compromises of national security here.

One law for thee, another for Facebook

Flouting the law for a seventh time, without consequence, here.

See what happens to you when you do that.

Lesbian Rachel Madcow repelled by Bill Clinton's opener for Hillary about their marriage

Hm. Imagine that. A lesbian finds a heterosexual marriage shocking and rude.

Bernie supporter from Missouri utters self-fulfilling prophecy: There's no democracy in America so I'm not going to vote!

Noted here:

"We all have this unrealistic dream that democracy is alive in America," said Debra Dilks, of Boonville, Missouri, who said she wasn't sure she'll vote in November. "Hillary didn't get the nomination. The nomination was stolen." ...

The longstanding bitterness between Sanders' supporters and Clinton's seemed to grow worse over the past few days after a trove of hacked emails showed that officials at the Democratic National Committee played favorites during the primaries and worked to undermine Sanders' campaign.

FOX Business doesn't know "acclamation" from "acclimation"

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mark Levin is cracking up: Somebody, please help him

Mark Levin is talking like a certifiable nutcase tonight.

OK, maybe every night, but honestly I haven't been paying attention very much since Ted dropped out after Indiana, if only because I don't enjoy the venom while I'm cooking dinner for my family.

Tonight Levin is embracing the Democrat talking point in response to the Wikileaks e-mails that Putin and Trump are somehow working together against Hillary, evidently because Levin can't stand the idea that Trump might come to an understanding with old Vlad. Never mind somebody hacked the DNC and exposed all their hypocrises and Levin is thus participating in . . . oh look! a deer!

And I guess George W. Bush's infamous high estimation of Vladimir Putin's character has somehow conveniently fallen out of Mark's now aging memory. He looked deep into his eyes and saw . . . what exactly?

Next we learn Reince Priebus' treatment of Ted Cruz is morally equivalent to Washerwoman-Schultz' treatment of Bernie Sanders. ... Uh huh. Gotcha Mark.

And finally, at least that's as far as I got because I turned Levin off after this one, Mark Levin attacked Ron Radosh because Ron had the temerity to point out Bernie's Judaism got attacked by a DNC anti-Semite in one of the e-mails.

Now conservatives, you know, people with long memories like elephants, hence the symbolism, know that Ron Radosh has done yeoman service for DECADES in this country exposing the Stalinist sympathizers on the left in the United States, and they are legion.

That last one is utterly despicable coming from Mark Levin, so fade to black.

Get some help Mark.

One speech: Ted Cruz now viewed unfavorably by 49% of Republicans, up from 35% in May

Overall Republican favorable opinion of Ted Cruz has tanked 19 points from 60% to 41% between early May and late July in CNN/ORC polls.

Huffpo deliberately overstates the data here by comparing apples and oranges, but the decline in Cruz' favorables among Republicans is huge nonetheless: a decline of almost 32%. But worse are Ted Cruz' unfavorables among Republicans which went up 14 points, from 35% to 49% of Republicans, a whopping 40% increase in his unfavorability.

Bang! And you're dead.

May 2016
July 2016

Trump gets 10-point convention bump in CNN poll: Goes from Clinton +7 to Trump +3

Boo hoo, Bernie received 40% of the delegates instead of 43%, the outcome would have been the same: the paranoid crook and liar won

Bernie received 43.4% of the popular vote, but only 39.8% of the delegates.

Close enough for Democrat work.

The real story is that Hillary & Co. still thought they had to cheat. They're not just crooks and liars, but paranoid crooks and liars.

Laugh of the Day: Hilliary's been unhappy with Washerwoman-Schultz at the DNC, too, and so has Obama!

Where else? Hillary's own Politico, here:

Aides to President Barack Obama urged him to get rid of the troublesome DNC chair last fall. He passed, figuring she was Hillary Clinton’s problem to solve.

PHILADELPHIA — Hillary Clinton and her team aren’t thrilled that the head of the Democratic National Committee was forced out on the eve of the nominee’s coronation – but they aren’t exactly distraught to see Debbie Wasserman Schultz booted from the tent.

Several senior Democratic officials with ties to Hillary and Bill Clinton told POLITICO that campaign higher-ups have been trying to replace the oft-off-message Florida congresswoman from the start of Clinton’s campaign late last year.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Romney won the Christian vote but lost the election by losing the NONES to Obama 74%-26%

So says Matthew Sheffield, here, with data for IA, FL, PA, VA, WI, MI and NH showing Romney won Protestants on average with 54% and Catholics with 53%.

The problem for Republicans is the growth of the non-Christian population, especially among the young:

"[T]he Godless Gap cost Mitt Romney the election".

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, RNC edition: Some things are intolerable to Donald Trump, and others not so much

the good
the bad
the ugly

CNBC unloads bias on Trump: Six of seven headlines are negative the day after the convention

Trump's new problem with Christians: He won't accept Ted Cruz' endorsement, but gay man Peter Thiel's is just fine

Trump, quoted here:

"If he gives it, I will not accept it," Trump, the GOP presidential nominee,  said at a Friday morning press conference in Cleveland.

Mostly female social conservatives saved the Republican platform from Paul Singer surrogate Annie Dickerson

From the story here:

But the [Tony] Perkins wing was met with vocal opposition from Annie Dickerson, an adviser to billionaire GOP donor Paul Singer, who is a proponent of same-sex marriage and other issues championed by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Dickerson fumed as her socially liberal proposals went down and the socially conservative measures she opposed sailed through the subcommittee. ... 

The 16-member subcommittee, made up of 13 women and three men, rejected Dickerson’s request to remove language in the platform that “salutes” states like North Carolina for passing controversial bathroom laws that critics say discriminate against transgender people.

She protested language that said the party supports “traditional marriage and the families a husband and wife create,” arguing instead for a provision that said children should be “raised in a loving and stable home.”

And she argued against having language in the platform that opposes the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Senator Dan Coats of Indiana tears into Ted Cruz

Quoted here:

“I think what people saw last night is what we have seen in the Senate. No matter how conservative you are, you never can meet Ted’s standard. He only thinks of himself, he doesn’t think about party. He’s a wrecking ball. He’s the most self-centered, narcissistic, pathological liar I’ve ever seen – and you can quote me on that."

Cynical Rush Limbaugh ends show suggesting the assertion that Ted Cruz proved last night that he deserved to be called a liar all along is just a circulating talking point

Because several callers got through making the same point today.

It couldn't be, could it, that Ted Cruz is just a liar and proved it one last time last night and everybody following this just happened to agree because they are smart enough to figure it out for themselves.

Rush Limbaugh. The new face of sneering elitism.

Rush Limbaugh justifies Ted Cruz' failure to endorse Trump by comparing it to Ted Kennedy's failure to endorse Jimmy Carter in 1980!

Rush's theatre of the absurd marches on.

I'm sure Republicans and Cruz-bots are just THRILLED that a so-called conservative plumbs the depths for acceptable in the party of scoundrels.

Rush better be careful. If he goes too deep he might bump in to Mary Jo Kopechne.

How hot is it in Grand Rapids, Michigan so far in 2016?

Mean cooling degree days through July: 423.

Actual cooling degree days in 2016 through July 19: 432.

Rush Limbaugh compares Ted Cruz to Richard Nixon, says it's still possible for Cruz to come back

Limbaugh's as crazy as Cruz.

I knew Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon was a friend of mine. Ted Cruz is no Richard Nixon.

Heavy sarc.

You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around any more

Hoosier Mike Pence on Donald Trump: "As we say back home, you can't fake good kids"

Charles Hurt calls Ted Cruz a "rude political has-been"

Cruz joins John Kasich and Jeb Bush in political oblivion. Laura Ingraham this morning called what we saw last night in Cruz' failure to endorse Trump "political suicide".

By contrast people like Scott Walker and Marco Rubio have swallowed hard and backed Trump, and therefore they will live to fight again another day.

But Ted is dead.

A Star is Born: Laura Ingraham rocks the Republican house, rips media and Hillary new ones in stunning performance

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ted Cruz tonight: One huge disappointment

I felt like I was listening to a Senate filibuster.

That guy will never be president.

Black olives matter in Albuquerque

Watch the Republican National Convention unfiltered without the talking heads at Right Side Broadcasting tonight at 7pm

Lucifer, the very first radical according to Alinsky

Speechwriter for Melania Trump explains mistake, Trump campaign won't fire her for "innocent mistake"

The Hill reported here.


Republicans demonstrated increased unity last night as delegates previously pledged to others voted for Donald Trump

Trump, who won 1543 delegates in the primary season, received 1725 votes from the floor as states like Michigan upped their ante from the 25 bound delegates for Trump to 51. Trump increased his support by almost 12%.

Similarly Pennsylvania which had 17 votes bound for Trump and 64 total committed cast 70 for him.

Both states passed on their votes in the roll call in order to allow the New York delegation to put their favored son over the top for the nomination, showing that Michigan and Pennsylvania have New York values, too.

Ted Cruz, who won 559 delegates in the primaries and caucuses, received 475 votes from the floor, 15% fewer than he had won.

Marco Rubio, who had won 165, received 114, 31% fewer.

John Kasich, who had won 161, received 120, 25% fewer.

Ben Carson received 7, Jeb Bush 3 (previously had 4) and Rand Paul 2 (previously had 1).

It appears that 26 votes of the 2472 total delegates were not cast at all (no shows? neverTrumpers? never allocated?). No votes were cast for Fiorina or Huckabee on the floor, each of whom had won one in the primaries.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Republican Convention Day 1 Laugh of the Day, courtesy of Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA

"I'm from the great state of Illinois. The cool thing about Illinois is we have term limits. One term in office and one term in jail."

More about Charlie here.

Hey hey, Ho ho, Mark Zuckerberg's gotta go!

Obama condones violence against police by broadcasting from abroad that cops need to admit they have a problem

A week ago, here, from Spain:

"[T]here’s data and evidence to back up the concerns that are being expressed by these [Black Lives Matter] protesters. And if police organizations and departments acknowledge that there’s a problem and there’s an issue, then that, too, is going to contribute to real solutions." 

Kick 'em out of NATO: Coup in Turkey staged by Islamist Erdogan, had at the ready a prepared list of 6,000 people to arrest

Reported here:

Following a failed coup attempt on Saturday, Turkish authorities on Sunday rounded up nearly 3,000 suspected military plotters, ranging from top commanders to foot soldiers, and the same number of judges and prosecutors.

French PM Manuel Valls seems to think that dying at the hands of terrorists is living

Quoted here:

“We would like to tell the French people that we will never give in,” Mr. Valls said outside the Élysée Palace, in Paris. “We will not give in to the terrorist threat. The times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism.”

Oh the horror: The French might actually get angry and do something, disturbing effetes everywhere

From the story here:

I wish I could say this was just hysterical exaggeration. But the evidence does not support complacency. Just down the road from me on the outskirts of Montpellier on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, there's long been a gun club where enthusiastic game hunters can polish their skills during the off-season. Unlike in Britain, it is perfectly legal for members of such clubs to own pistols and semi-automatic rifles.

In the last few months, since the wave of terrorism has intensified, the membership of the gun club has quadrupled, from 200 to 800 members. The new members are not all motivated by the love of shooting sports. Benoit, a local olive farmer who owns more than a dozen rifles, pistols and shotguns, as well as an AK-47 assault rifle, admitted to me this weekend something much darker. 

"They're getting ready for a war," he said.

The biggest part of the violence problem, not even close to being part of the solution

Scott Adams: Hillary's got the cop-killer taint, which trumps :) crooked but also racist

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hypocrite Obama has tried to get around the law his entire presidency, today speaks up for it to make sure the history books trim his record

Quoted here:

"Attacks on police are an attack on all of us and the rule of law that makes society possible," Obama emphasized Sunday.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Friday, July 15, 2016

Germany and France have suppressed the truth about the animalistic brutality of Islamist terrorists in recent incidents

Reported here, if you can stomach it.

Terrorist kills a bunch of fags in a gay nightclub, incompetent FBI finds no evidence he did it because they were gay

And there you have it. These people couldn't find their asses with both hands and a mirror.

Story here.

It takes the LA Times 8 handwringing paragraphs to break the bad news: Trump leads Clinton 43 to 40 in tracking poll

But there's really nothing to see . . .

Meaning of a military coup in a NATO country: The country shouldn't be in NATO

Stories everywhere.

Try here.

Sounds like the military is actually in favor of being a secularized state instead of the late Islamicized state the current government is sympathetic toward.

In which case, OK, but that's not how it's done in NATO.

#Anti-Trump crashes and burns in the rules committee: Can anything good come out of Utah?

An ignominious moment for Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, who suddenly developed a tin ear for politics. Or maybe he's never had an ear for politics?

Story here.

If only 36% finish their college degrees in four years, maybe 64% of those in college don't belong there

The New York Times reported here in 2014:

At most public universities, only 19 percent of full-time students earn a bachelor’s degree in four years, the report found. Even at state flagship universities — selective, research-intensive institutions — only 36 percent of full-time students complete their bachelor’s degree on time.

Meanwhile just 59% finish within six years.

Well then, time to . . . BAN TRUCKS!

Trump tweets this morning that Mike Pence is his choice for VP

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bart Lower of Ionia, Michigan, is no Republican: In January he was a dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party and actually thought he could be president!

Oh how the mighty are fallen, running for president but six months later running for a lowly state house seat.