Friday, December 9, 2016

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Trump's pick for Interior Secretary, is another immigration squish

At some point someone's going to notice that Donald Trump isn't serious about stopping illegal immigration.

But, the Washington congresswoman said, she won’t rule out a pathway to citizenship, and also stated that she was open to granting a special schedule to the children of immigrants who came to the country illegally.

Rush Limbaugh is ecstatic today about Trump's cabinet picks

The guy never was on our side on illegal immigration, the income tax, Elton John, etc.

The leader of the conservative liberals, as someone once said. 

Hillary knows an awful lot about the epidemic of fake news because she started it . . .

. . . when she blamed a Muhammad video for a supposedly spontaneous attack on Benghazi at the same time Obama was trying to win reelection on "Osama is dead and GM is alive".

Trump betrays his base, picks Andrew Puzder for Labor Secretary, another amnesty advocate

Trump must think we're stupid. You know, just like the defeated elites now packing up and leaving DC.

Puzder had a long op-ed in Politico here three years ago outlining his Marco Rubio Gang of Eight immigration ideas, including 

"a pathway to adjusted status for those here illegally now; and special relief for the children of undocumented immigrants."