Thursday, February 28, 2019

Jeffrey Snider: The last 11 years of real GDP worse overall than the Great Depression

 Told ya.

Are the Great Depression and the Last 11 Years Comparable?

In terms of modern calculation of real Gross Domestic Product, the last eleven years in the United States have been worse overall than the Great Depression. 


Michael Cohen to Cuomo in 2016: Certainly hoped to go into Trump's administration

2016 Michael Cohen Interview Shows He ‘Certainly Hoped’ He’d Be Offered a White House Job:

The hope that Cohen expressed during that interview directly contradicts what he told the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday.


New House lefties tell moderate Democrat Blue Dogs and Republicans to STFU, just like lefty social media deplatforms the right, threaten primarying and draconian rule changes

House Democrats explode in recriminations as liberals lash out at moderates:

[T]he [Democrat] party's moderates - many of them freshmen taking their first congressional votes ... insist that they are not going to be dissuaded from voting with their districts, and many are warning that majority control is at stake."It's this class of members that got elected that are the reason we have the majority," said Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., a co-chairwoman of the moderate Blue Dog Coalition. "Many of them come from these (moderate) districts, and their promise to their constituents was that they were going to put people over politics."


Michael Cohen reads whatever's prepared for him: In Sep 2016 he said Trump wasn't a racist, yesterday he said he was

Michael Cohen introduces Donald Trump, Cleveland, OH, 9/21/16

Michael Cohen: Trump A "Racist," "Conman" Who Knew About WikiLeaks In Advance

Boomers, Miller, when the players cheered up the cheerleaders

Growth of GDP in the last eleven years is now officially worse than in the Great Depression

What amounts to the second estimate of Q4GDP is out today, and the calendar year 2018 figure is just 2.9%

2016: 1.6%
2017: 2.2%
2018: 2.9%

America has not had a 3.0% real GDP or better year since 2005 . . . fourteen years ago.

Pathetic. Disgusting. An indictment of the policies of both political parties and of American business.

No jobs, no hope, no America I once knew at all.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sentencing document shows Michael Cohen had administration ambitions

Rush Limbaugh had this right today: Cohen Caught in Multiple Lies Again.


[These crimes] each involve deception, and were each motivated by
personal greed and ambition. ... his desire for even greater wealth and
influence precipitated an extensive course of criminal conduct ... .
His actions suggest that Cohen relished the status of ultimate fixer -- 
a role that he embraced as recently as May 2018. Cohen was driven by
a desire to further ingratiate himself with a potential future President --
for whose political success Cohen himself claimed  credit -- 
and arranged for the payments in an attempt to increase his
power and influence. ...
Cohen privately bragged to friends and reporters, including in recorded
conversations, that he had made the payment ... .
Cohen’s criminal violations of the federal election laws were also stirred,
like his other crimes, by his own ambition and greed. During and after the
campaign, Cohen privately told friends and colleagues, including in seized
text messages, that he expected to be given a prominent role and title in
the new administration. When that did not materialize, Cohen found a way
to monetize his relationship with and access to the President.  

Alexandria The Great eats with staffer enjoying formerly farting cow

Coulter thinks talk of a Cohen motive is idiotic, believes prosecutors suborned perjury by Cohen in previous and today's testimony

Pretty wild thing to say about Robert Mueller? Well, he did knowingly prosecute the wrong guy in the anthrax case. Cohen could've been put away for a loooooooooooooong time. When the elites discard the moral absolutes taught by Christian civilization #democracydiesindarkness.

The Cohen testimony today shows Democrat Congress' contempt for the American people, and for itself

Cohen is going to jail for lying to Congress, so nothing he says today could possibly be trusted. In fact, he lied to Congress again in today's testimony, saying he never wanted a position in the Trump administration, when his sentencing documents show that he did, and earnestly. The fact that he was passed over for a position shows he had quite the motive to turn against Trump, and make unfounded accusations.

If the Democrat Congress had any integrity, it wouldn't put up such a bald-faced liar. If it had any self respect, it wouldn't put up someone who lied to it, and lies to it again.

This is self-hating shit.

Total alarmist BS from Zero Hedge on bonds headlined by Drudge

BS: Foreigner Boycott Of US Treasurys Continues: 7Y Auction Indirects Tumble To 3 Year Low


LA Times: No construction for Trump's wall has begun anywhere because he signed border deal

If Trump had been serious about building the wall, he wouldn't have signed a border deal which ties his hands. He would have vetoed it and proceeded with the national emergency.

Had he done so, legislators would have had little choice but to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government departments threatened with a shutdown at existing levels.

That's the art of the deal, Mr. Big Stuff, but Mr. Big Stuff is all bark and no bite.

No construction for Trump’s wall has begun anywhere, although officials have started or completed fence replacement projects in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Trump, who made building a border wall a central promise of his campaign, declared the emergency on Feb. 15 to bypass Congress and shift up to $6.6 billion, mostly from the Pentagon budget, to build — or rebuild — 234 miles of fencing.

Trump acted after Congress had appropriated only $1.375 billion for 55 miles of border barrier in the Rio Grande Valley, far less than he wanted.

But the 1,169-page appropriations bill Trump signed into law when he issued his emergency declaration also contained restrictions on construction in specific towns, parks and wildlife reserves along about 150 miles of the border in the Rio Grande Valley, which is the administration’s top priority for building new barriers. The restrictions have thwarted Trump’s efforts to build a wall there, at least for now.

An aide to Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), who helped negotiate the restrictions, said it’s not clear if the terms of the spending bill would override the emergency declaration, or vice versa, leaving landowners and town officials in limbo.

Little Marco's neocon imperialism is invincibly ignorant in addition to being creepy as hell

President Kushner is a libertarian free-trade kook who wants no borders, no walls, NO ISRAEL AT ALL


The guy is a lunatic.

"the goal is to eliminate the borders"

13 Republicans vote with Democrats against National Emergency

Two in Michigan, two in Wisconsin, two in Washington.

The wall will stop the cheap illegal agricultural migrant labor used to pick the apples, grapes, etc. and pour profits into the hands of greedy Republican farmers, who are the real problem.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Amy Klobuchar's staff calls for help: "We are being held in the Dirksen basement, please help"

Trump approval at 52% in the Rasmussen poll was 15 days ago but Rush Limbaugh is still repeating it

Rasmussen has Trump at 49% for the last six days.

Norway is Europe's most anti-semitic country, and Minnesota, home of Ilhan Omar, is the Quisling State

"You're blowing our cover, Ms. Omar, and making us look bad".

America finally becomes East Germany as men posing as women triumph in athletics

A wall that needs tearing down is needed though, to complete the analogy.

Oh wait, the prototypes are being demolished!

In a year, Trump be sayin' "Back when I was in 'Nam"

Democrats for president vote in solidarity with the Ralph Northam wing of their party

The wing's most famous representative was Illinois State Senator Barack Hussein Obama. When life begins was beyond his pay grade, but when it ends sure isn't.

The love that shows you're just crazy

Monday, February 25, 2019

As often noted @tbsol, Justin Amash and libertarians belong to the left, not the right

Amash posed as a member of the right in 2010 to get elected and fooled enough of us, but he dropped "conservative" from his self-identity not long after. The rubes here in the MI-3 Republican Party have voted for him ever since because of the "R", just like Democrats vote habitually for their "D" candidates.

MBS is a piker compared to the Clintons: Money can't buy the native talent of leaving a heap of bodies in your wake without an evidence trail

Alexandria The Great's got a little ethics problem

The Congresswoman Loves the Swamp: Her Wealthy Chief of Staff used a PAC to Pay Her Boyfriend (updated)
Here’s what hasn’t changed: Saikat’s PAC paid AOC’s boyfriend six grand bookending a six grand payment from AOC’s campaign to Saikat’s LLC. AOC then made Saikat her Chief. Whether he paid Riley as an under the table reimbursement for her campaign, or simply because he wanted to throw some money at one of his candidates is actually immaterial. And you can’t tell me that money sent to Roberts isn’t money sent to AOC. They were living together and, as we’ve been told a thousand times, he’s a spouse…even though they’re not married and she doesn’t disclose his income as a spouse on her mandatory congressional disclosure forms.

As for the congresswoman herself, she seems committed to distracting from the fact that she engaged in swampy campaign finance chicanery.

Little Marco threatens Venezuela: Hillary war party much?

Alexandria The Great's connection to her NY-14 congressional district is tenuous

Where in the world does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez live?:

She may be America’s most famous freshman congresswoman, but in New York, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a virtual ghost. She has no district office and no local phone number, unlike the state’s three other freshman members. And it’s unclear whether the 29-year-old lawmaker, who represents the Bronx and Queens, actually still lives in the Parkchester neighborhood that has been so closely tied to her rise — even though she won her upset victory over fellow Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley with accusations that his home in Virginia made him too Washington-focused to serve his district. Ocasio-Cortez has used her deceased father’s Bronx condo on her voter registration since 2012 . . ..

Her apartment’s next-door neighbor said she had never seen Ocasio-Cortez. Another neighbor, who has lived down the hall from the congresswoman’s apartment for the last 40 years, said he’d never seen her or her boyfriend, Riley Roberts, who has claimed the address as his own since last spring. “I would have remembered,” said the neighbor when shown a photograph of Ocasio-Cortez. Workers at Jerry’s Pizzeria, less than a block from her building, and at the local grocery store said she had never patronized their businesses — and a server at a nearby taqueria said the congresswoman had only come in to be filmed by news crews.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Kamala Harris is descended through her father from a Jamaican slaveholder

Reflections of a Jamaican Father


Donald J. Harris

... My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town) ...

Manhattan bartender now she thinks she's the boss of everyone because 4,018 people in NY-14 made her their representative in Congress

Alexandria The Great, ladies and gentlemen.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Republican Justin Amash, insufferable crank, co-sponsors resolution to block Trump's border emergency

Extremism in the defense of libertarianism from Justin Amash means you'll have no borders, no walls, no USA at all

Libertarianism and Antifa end up in the same place because they are absurd, reductionist ideologies.

Man was not made for the constitution. The constitution was made for man.

Friday, February 22, 2019

If America were still a decent country, it would break ties with Saudi Arabia for this and end trade

"China has the right to carry out anti-terrorism and de-extremisation work for its national security,” Prince Mohammed, who has been in China signing multi-million trade deals much to the annoyance of his Western allies, was quoted as saying on Chinese state television.

Trump gaslights on New Mexico border "wall", which is bollard fencing replacing existing vehicle barrier, funded in 2017

Trump isn't building new wall like he promised made of concrete, he's just replacing existing barrier with bollard fencing.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- President Trump tweeted about the completion of a "powerful wall" in New Mexico. The steel wall was built in Santa Teresa. It replaced fencing that was used to prevent vehicles from crossing. According to the Washington Examiner, the money for the project came from the congressional budget in May 2017. The Washington Examiner reports the barriers are 18 to 30 feet high.

Rush Limbaugh claims to be the cutting edge of societal evolution, but can't help a caller from Colorado on the National Popular Vote

It's a frickin' end run around the constitution, but Limbaugh just yammers "I'll have to look into it".


New England Patriots owner, 77 year old widower Robert Kraft, charged for happy ending at massage parlor in FL

Trump colluded with foreigners to win Michigan in 2016 :-/

And here all the while I thought it was a bunch of us on the fringe sandbagging the black vote for Hillary in our desperate attempt to set up a white ethno state. Man were we clueless.

Democrats and Republicans need legal and illegal immigrants to maintain consumption to keep GDP going, it's not about the jobs

The poor and working poor have a 100% propensity to consume. An aging population does not spend enough. Republicans and Democrats have a 100% propensity to profiteer.

Not just asylum laws, only citizens must be allowed to receive welfare assistance, rent or buy homes and cars, get licenses, etc. The whole system is rigged for illegals.

Joe Biden Sep 2008: Stand up, Chuck!

Joe Biden buries the BS meter in the red, Nov 7, 2017: Virginia rejected ugly politics, picked Northam and Fairfax instead!

Biden threw Northam under the bus a few weeks ago in favor of the guy now accused of rape, since then crickets

The Biden gaffe machine just keeps on keepin' on.

This would be your next president, America.

Almost as good as telling the disabled guy in the wheelchair to stand up and take a bow.

QAnon says the Smollett smokescreen was all 4Dchess orchestrated by Der Führer to wipe his immigration betrayal off the news cycle, and it worked you clowns

Boomers Miller, boomers

It's a lie that we need a million legal immigrants a year when the rate of job growth has been slashed by 70%

Trump 2020 dream ticket: Biden-Northam, because as Joe says, with Northam you can feel and taste the authenticity

Ralph Northam is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen.

It's no one's fault but Trump's that his administration is BURSTING with people who oppose him

Mike Pompeo (SECSTATE), Sylvia May Davis, Brooke Rollins, Chris Liddell (all in White House), Kirstjen Nielsen (SECDHS), Chad Wolf (DHS), Mary Kissel, Jim Jeffrey, Elliott Abrams (all at State), LARRY BARTLETT (Obama retread at Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration) . . ..

Bush 41 fired thousands of Reagan appointees and remade the executive in his kinder, gentler image. Trump's a wimp by comparison, as Ann Coulter says. Trump is hopelessly hamstrung, by himself.

What does President Kushner enjoy for breakfast?

Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Federal Reserve has utterly failed to restore employment by manipulating interest rates

President Kushner replaces Trump's core constituencies with US Chamber of Commerce, Bushies

According to meeting agendas obtained by McClatchy, those invited to sessions with Kushner come from some of Trump’s core constituencies in the worlds of religion, law enforcement, agriculture and business. They include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Heritage Foundation, Association of Builders and Contractors, Faith and Freedom Coalition, Council on National Policy, George W. Bush Center and Select Milk Producers.

Read more here:

President Kushner hasn't briefed Trump on this yet

We shouldn't have to pressure Trump to make changes if he's on our side: He's on his side

Plantation owner Al Gore tells Ralph Northam how to atone for blackface

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pattern much?

Repeat offender.

Clueless Statist Greer fetches conservative Hispanic bone tossed by Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh has done this throughout his career to co-opt the rubes on behalf of the GOPe, this time an alt-righter, probably an Elton John Fan like Rush. Hilarious.

Drudge shades truth about border wall begun in San Diego: It's replacement fencing, bollard type

It has nothing to do with the emergency declaration, which is what the story placement in Drudge's lineup is meant to imply. This is Drudge the partisan.

The AP story also incorrectly calls it a wall. It's bollard fencing. Trump is prohibited from installing a wall by the legislation he just signed.

Construction has begun on the fifth border wall project of Donald Trump's presidency, replacing up to 14 miles of barrier in San Diego, authorities said Tuesday.

The first panels are in place to replace a steel-mesh fence with 30-foot-high steel bollards . . .. The bollards replace a second layer of barrier that worked like a fortress when it was built about a decade ago but is now often breached with powerful battery-operated saws sold in home improvement stores.

Work on replacing a first layer of San Diego barrier is nearly complete, also 14 miles long and made of steel bollards up to 30-feet  high. The old fence, built in the early 1990s, was made of corrugated steel matting used by the military as temporary runways. ... Trump inherited barriers covering about one-third of the border. His administration has awarded $1 billion in contracts to cover 97 miles,  the vast majority of it to replace existing barriers. ...

Trump 2015 called his a wall, Jeb's a fence, a big difference then, now . . . not so much

Trump, before he decided to flop around like a fish on the dock:

Ann Coulter: Trump obviously doesn't care about immigration


Trump -- and those hoping to be invited to the next White House Christmas party -- refers to this as a "deal." Gen. Custer struck a similar "deal" at Little Bighorn. ... The obvious conclusion is that immigration isn't one of the issues Trump cares about. Those are the facts. I know there are people who are tired of hearing it. I'm tired of writing it. But we can't shrink from uncomfortable truths any more than Trump did in 2016.

It takes (((one))) to out (((one))): Stephen Miller betrayed us, too

(((Libertarian))) Liz Mair's only objection to the border deal was how hard it is on lawful border crossers

But Israel got its money!

The culturally illiterate don't recognize that he's President Norman Vincent Peale

Marc Short back in the White House shows Trump doesn't care about immigration, but the same goes for continued presence of Conway and Schlapp and on and on

When are you people going to wake up and realize Trump has NEVER been serious about immigration?

Immigration is simply a political tool, like abortion, around which to get the rubes to rally.

Trump never intended to do anything serious about immigration in the first place, and his record of delaying and caving right up to the present moment, and all these open borders hires and rehires, simply proves it.

"Finish the Wall" he never started is the slogan, you fools.

We've all been had.

They think we are stupid, and they are right.

There were reliable sources warning before the border deal, but conservative talk radio IGNORED them