Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Joe Biden boasts there were NO SCANDALS during his eight years with Obama, as long as you don't count the 880,000 pounds of cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel and zinc they left in the Animas River bed in 2015 because of their incompetence

Libertarianism is America's T-1000, wears pink shorts and a white dress

Madcow's ratings were all that mattered

Freedom of the press: The press is not an "institution", it's a business, usually a business of lies. And people pay to be lied to. That's the real scandal.

James Comey skips Lent, Yom Kippur and now New Year's Eve for self-examination

Muslims groom the English girls but hide it, in France it's a Jew proudly doing both underage girls and boys: Gabriel Matzneff gives (((Roman Polanski))) a run for his money

Vanessa Springora, 47, new director of Éditions Julliard, recounts her loves, at the age of 14, with a prominent fifty-something writer, whom she names by her initials, " GM ". Gabriel Matzneff, immediately recognizable, is known for his practice of pedophilia, without exception, girls and boys, of which he makes the complacent apology in his works.


Sunday, December 29, 2019

Trump's first bimbo eruption

In 1980 and 1984 ignorant young conservatives voted for Ronald Reagan never expecting his 1986 immigration amnesty nor Bush 41's opening of the legal immigration floodgates

Peak Boomer 1957 turned 30 in 1987 and didn't have a clue about anything anymore than Gen X does now. @GodCloseMyEyes is blind. Racial anxiety today was caused by libertarian immigration policies put into place by Reagan and Bush, flooding the country with foreigners. We were ignorant as ignorant could be when we voted for these fools. The '60s riots were already ancient history.

It's only a cohencidence that thousands of journalists are out of jobs in 2019 but not Bret Stephens

Anthony Weiner was so smart he tweeted a penis pic

Jeffrey Epstein was so smart he killed himself

Cocaine Mitch has the power to drag Joe Biden kicking and screaming and compel his appearance before the US Senate, which would be highly entertaining

LOL: WaPo's Karen Tumulty thought blackface in 1942's "Holiday Inn" was OK on Dec. 23, bad on Dec. 24, and then excusable on Dec. 28

Make up your mind, you stupid bitch!

"Conservatives" at WaPo never get the memo: It's part of the remuneration

Bret Stephens goes to a dinner party . . .

WaPo's OK with blackface now: OK WaPo

He "atoned". Uh huh.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

(((Bret Stephens))) says Jews are smarter than Gentiles, forgets to mention the 11 tribes of stupid Jews gaslighted by the 12th tribe to fork over the firstfruits of everything

Washington Examiner lists Pocahonky's identity lies, starting with, well, Pocahonky

It's common knowledge by now that Warren, one of the top four 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, identified as a Native American, despite being somewhere between 0.1% and 3% Native American . . ..

[T]he senator also fibbed when she promised to serve her full Senate term if reelected in 2018. Her 2020 presidential run began a few weeks after she won that election.

Warren has emphasized again and again that her children attended public schools. Her storyline here suffers from a material omission: Her kids also attended private schools. Perhaps this particular misdirection stems from the fact that she’s campaigning against the school choice programs . . ..

Warren’s brother told the Boston Globe, “My dad was never a janitor," and he said it makes him “furious” that Warren has repeatedly claimed otherwise on the campaign trail.

Warren must know that her own background, as a millionaire whose children attended private school, doesn’t fit easily with her soak-the-rich rhetoric.

Commentators often lump Warren's run in with that of Bernie Sanders. But Sanders's base comes from the young and the working class, while Warren's base is mostly highly educated baby boomers who surely feel a warm glow from the belief they are part of some populist uprising.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Impeaching Trump to own the liberals

Good news: Commie American Federation of Teachers finally dumps slavery propaganda as number one agenda item, replaces it with climate crisis propaganda

Progress, as in progressivism (a word my white privileged, carbon-consuming, capitalist spell checker underlines in red, appropriately).

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, private homeownership has got to go, says anti-American Commie UCLA professor in The Nation

[W]e need to do more than upgrade the powerlines or stage a public takeover of the utility companies. We need to rethink the ideologies that govern how we plan and build our homes. ... The valorizing of homeownership and property rights results not only in increased exposure to climate-change-fueled fires, but also in our inadequate responses to them. ... This is the Jeffersonian agrarian ideal, transmuted through the urban, petrochemical century. Cheap energy—both the monetary price of subsidized gasoline and the hidden costs of fossil fuels—and the idealization of individual homeownership have created the scorching landscapes we face today. Cheap energy is untenable in the face of climate emergency. And individual homeownership should be seriously questioned. ... Even with the threats of climate change and rampant fire looming, the ideals of the American dream that have been instilled for more than 150 years will be difficult to dispel. ... We need another kind of escape route—away from our ideologies of ownership and property, and toward more collective, healthy, and just cities.