Monday, July 25, 2016

Mark Levin is cracking up: Somebody, please help him

Mark Levin is talking like a certifiable nutcase tonight.

OK, maybe every night, but honestly I haven't been paying attention very much since Ted dropped out after Indiana, if only because I don't enjoy the venom while I'm cooking dinner for my family.

Tonight Levin is embracing the Democrat talking point in response to the Wikileaks e-mails that Putin and Trump are somehow working together against Hillary, evidently because Levin can't stand the idea that Trump might come to an understanding with old Vlad. Never mind somebody hacked the DNC and exposed all their hypocrises and Levin is thus participating in . . . oh look! a deer!

And I guess George W. Bush's infamous high estimation of Vladimir Putin's character has somehow conveniently fallen out of Mark's now aging memory. He looked deep into his eyes and saw . . . what exactly?

Next we learn Reince Priebus' treatment of Ted Cruz is morally equivalent to Washerwoman-Schultz' treatment of Bernie Sanders. ... Uh huh. Gotcha Mark.

And finally, at least that's as far as I got because I turned Levin off after this one, Mark Levin attacked Ron Radosh because Ron had the temerity to point out Bernie's Judaism got attacked by a DNC anti-Semite in one of the e-mails.

Now conservatives, you know, people with long memories like elephants, hence the symbolism, know that Ron Radosh has done yeoman service for DECADES in this country exposing the Stalinist sympathizers on the left in the United States, and they are legion.

That last one is utterly despicable coming from Mark Levin, so fade to black.

Get some help Mark.

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