Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Roger in Detroit runs circles around Rush Limbaugh, gets him to admit he doesn't think Trump can win

I don't think it's possible for a candidate's negatives to be as high as they're reporting Trump's to be and the guy winning. 

Hence Rush's ongoing, thinly veiled support for the closest thing to Reagan, which is Ted Cruz, who can't win enough delegates outright but will have to win enough delegates to be an acceptable alternative to Trump at a brokered convention. Which is why Roger in Detroit opened his attack on Rush by accusing Rush of wanting a brokered convention. That goes hand in hand with support of Cruz at this late stage of the game.

A brokered convention is what Rush is really hoping for, otherwise Rush wouldn't keep emphasizing Kasich's self-absorbed spoiler role in bleeding away the anti-Trump vote from Cruz. Kasich isn't stopping Trump, he's stopping Cruz from making a respectable enough showing to warrant the establishment taking the nomination away from Trump and giving it to Cruz at convention.

Trump's the winner no one with a microphone has the courage to want.

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