Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ranking the candidates by credit scores of supporters: Kasich's have the best credit, Sanders' the worst

Nearly 60% of Kasich's support comes from people with excellent credit (FICO 720-850).

Half or more of supporters for all candidates have excellent credit, including supporters of Trump (who brings up the rear at 49.8%).

Compiled from the story here.

Combined percentages of supporters with excellent and good credit scores / combined percentages of supporters with fair and bad credit scores:

Kasich 86 / 14
Rubio 69 / 31
Trump 69 / 31
Cruz 68 / 32
Clinton 67 / 33
Sanders 66 / 34.

Rubio's in second because of the difference between 68.65% of support coming from from the good side for himself and 68.6% for Trump. Before rounding Cruz trails Trump in each category by 0.5 points.

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