Thursday, March 24, 2016

Romney adviser Bryan McGrath, CDR USN (ret.), of the Hudson Institute trusts Hillary's judgment on foreign and defense policy, you know, like at Benghazi

Quoted here:

“Donald Trump is not a Republican. ... He is a caricature of classless wealth. ... He is a caricature of the ugly American,” said McGrath, the deputy director at the Center for American Seapower at the Hudson Institute who is now working with the Cruz campaign. ... 

McGrath said he would vote for Clinton if he “got a gun held to my head” and was forced to choose only between her and Trump. He added that in reality, however, he would write in a name. 

But, he added, “on foreign and defense policy, I at least trust Hillary’s judgment.” 


Do you think he'd like Trump better if Trump had high class wealth? Or how about just normal classless wealth? Kinda giving it away there, Bryan.

McGrath served as Navy Policy Team Lead, Romney for President (2011-2012).

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