Sunday, March 20, 2016

Famous libertarian takes test, finds out he's a LEFTIST

Yet more evidence that conservatives should dump the libertarians, who belong in the Democrat Party, not the Republican.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson took the test at, reported here by CNBC:

"The candidate that most paired up with my beliefs is (Vermont Sen.) Bernie Sanders at 73 percent," the 2012 Libertarian candidate told CNBC in a phone interview this week from New Mexico.

Funny he needed a test to figure out where he really stands. How un-self-aware can you be? Apparently liberalism is more of a mental disorder than we knew, and marijuana-induced hallucinations less revelatory than he knew.

Johnson received almost 1% of the popular vote for president in 2012 running as a libertarian, but continues to insist "that the vast majority of the people in this country are libertarian".

Uh huh. 

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