Wednesday, March 16, 2016

North Carolina Primary 2016 turnout about equal for both parties, just like in 2012

Republicans turned out 1.1 million in 2016 while Democrats turned out 1.08 million, rising just 13% and 11% over 2012 respectively.

In 2012 each party turned out 0.97 million in North Carolina (Obama of course was the Democrat incumbent president that year; Romney swept with almost 66% of the vote).

In 2008 Republicans turned out only 0.5 million (McCain swept with 74%) while 1.6 million Democrats duked out their contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Clinton lost to Obama by 230,000 votes in 2008, but in 2016 she has beaten Bernie Sanders by 156,000.

Trump's victory over Cruz in 2016 is by less than 40,000 votes.

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