Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trump popular vote in LA, KS, ME and KY yesterday beat both Romney in 2012 and McCain in 2008

Trump garnered 230,443 votes in Louisiana, Kansas, Maine and Kentucky yesterday, beating Romney's total in 2012 (north of 174,000) and McCain's total in 2008 (north of 214,000). Ted Cruz received 230,209 popular votes.

In Kentucky neither Trump nor Cruz beat Romney or McCain but together the first and second place finishers yesterday garnered north of 154,000 votes, beating Romney's 117,000 in 2012 and McCain's 142,000 in 2008, both late May contests in those years unlike in 2016.

Turnout in Kentucky in 2016 exceeded 225,000, eclipsing the previous contests significantly. In 2012 turnout was only 176,000, even weaker than 2008's 185,000. Enthusiasm for Romney in 2012 had also been down in Louisiana, where McCain previously in 2008 had mustered 18,000 more votes than Romney did four years later.

In Louisiana, Kansas and Maine Trump beat Romney 2.6:1 and McCain 2:1 despite losing Kansas and Maine to Cruz yesterday, who himself obliterated Romney in Kansas 5.8:1 and McCain 8.75:1. In Maine Cruz crushed Romney 4:1 and McCain 8:1. Cruz yesterday beat the former GOP candidates for president 2.75:1 and 2.2:1 in Louisiana, Kansas and Maine combined.

Despite Trump winning the popular vote yesterday by 234 votes in the four contests, Cruz won 16 more delegates than Trump.

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