Monday, March 7, 2016

Trump is deliberately not countering opposition TV ads on TV, using Facebook and Twitter instead: Huge mistake?

He's also using ads during conservative talk radio programs, but overall his is a very risky strategy which may already explain why Trump is not farther ahead than he should be.

This may spell big trouble, dead ahead.

Facebook and Twitter require active participation. Television is passive and reaches more people. Facebook is ubiquitous but the irony is the owner is the big player behind the amnesty enemy. And Twitter is a sewer dominated by the thug left. They'll never vote for him anyway. At best he communicates effectively only with those who already support him.

Trump is proud of winning on a dime against losers like Bush who spent millions, but I don't think the strategy is sustainable.

This is crunch time, and Trump's not crunching.  

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