Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trump 2016 trounces Romney 2012 in 13 states which have already voted by 1.8 to 1: 2.5 million votes to 1.4 million

The only state Mitt Romney won over Trump so far is liberal Vermont!

Georgia: Trump .501m / Romney .233m
Tennessee: Trump .332m / Romney .154m
Virginia: Trump .355m / Romney .158m
Massachusetts: Trump .311m / Romney .265m
Vermont: Trump .019m / Romney .023m
Minnesota: Trump .024m / Romney .008m
Alabama: Trump .371m / Romney .180m
Oklahoma: Trump .130m / Romney .080m
Alaska: Trump .007m / Romney .004m
Iowa: Trump .045m / Romney .029m
South Carolina: Trump .239m / Romney .168m
New Hampshire: Trump .100m/ Romney .097m
Nevada: Trump .034m / Romney .016m

The Texas primary was a late primary in 2012 after all other challengers had been vanquished, on May 29, instead of early in 2016. Romney took 1m votes vs. Trump's .757m in 2016. But Ted Cruz has won the Texas primary in 2016 with 1.239m votes, beating Romney by almost 24%.

The Arkansas primary was also late in 2012, on May 22. Romney took .104m votes vs. Trump's .133m in 2016.

Add in these two contests and Trump in 2016 beats Romney in 2012 3.358m votes to 2.519m to date, or 1.3 to 1, which in other words is by 33%.

Mitt. Romney. Loser. 

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