Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Senator Ben Sasse, race-baiting, lying liberal suck-up who believes in amnesty for illegal aliens

Interviewed here:

CHUCK TODD: I believe you are the only Republican [senator] right now who was said you will not vote for Donald Trump under any circumstances...

SEN. BEN SASSE (R-NE): . . . This guy believes in abortion on demand, this guy says that he hates the concept of guns, this guy's been for single-payer health care, he's for a $6 trillion tax increase. ... [W]hen you listen to Donald Trump, all you really hear is more Donald Trump, more tear it down, and a lot of praise of foreign dictators. ... [Y]ou did a great service to people by talking about the history of the Whigs and the Republicans. This is, in some ways, an 1860 moment. ... [I]f this becomes the Donald Trump/David Duke party, there are a lot of us who are out.

Mark Levin's Conservative Review gives Ben Sasse an "A" rating:

Sasse also supports legal status for illegal immigrants. 

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