Sunday, March 6, 2016

Momentum for all GOP candidates has slowed since Super Tuesday, but Trump's Mo is still tops

Momentum for all GOP candidates was slowed by Super Saturday yesterday, but Trump retains the easiest path to 1,237 despite a bitter attack from Mitt Romney and the establishment on Thursday morning and an ugly debate in Detroit on Thursday evening.

After Super Tuesday, Trump needed 51.45% of remaining delegates* to clinch the nomination with 1,237. Now he needs 52.57% of the remaining after Saturday's contests. His Mo has slowed by 2.2% but overall remains better than Cruz', who did well yesterday with indignant Christian Kansans and oddball libertarian Mainers.

Cruz has seen his Mo slow the least of all the candidates yesterday, needing 56.67% of remaining delegates after Super Tuesday to needing 57.64% now, or slowing by just 1.7%.

Rubio and Kasich, however, have both had flat tires on their journey to 1,237 yesterday.

After Super Tuesday, Rubio needed an untenable 63.17% of remaining delegates, but now he needs 68.17%. His Mo is down 7.9%.

And Kasich not only had a flat yesterday, his ball joint broke, too. Needing 67.93% of remaining delegates after Super Tuesday, he needs 73.62% now. His Mo is down 8.4%. He clearly sees himself as a monkey wrench, attempting to yet queer both upcoming Michigan and Ohio just enough to set the conditions for a contested convention in his home state of Ohio this summer.

Not very sportsmanlike. But hey, that's the establishment for you.

*Don't forget Ben Carson who dropped out on Friday when calculating delegate allocations. He has eight in his pocket.

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