Sunday, March 13, 2016

Losing the propaganda war: Foolish Rush Limbaugh's big Lewandowski problem

Rush Limbaugh let his partisanship for Ted Cruz show on Friday when he prematurely ejaculated all over the Corey Lewandowski non-story here and here before it became clear here and here that Michelle Fields is just trying to sell her boobs new book.

Friday was a very bad day for Rush Limbaugh and the other Ted Cruz propagandists.

None of them dared touch the radioactive bombshell Drudge stories showing Ted Cruz has been faking his Southern Baptist bona fides. ("If we don't cover it, it doesn't exist").

Limbaugh's attempt to make the Carson endorsement of Trump the story of the day instead of Cruz' lies about his background utterly failed.

And now the Lewandowski story falls apart.

But expect no mea culpas from Limbaugh or any of the others.

They're just a pack of weasels.

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