Thursday, March 3, 2016

Interesting theory from Mark Levin, but it's not at all convincing

Today's speech by Romney was a campaign speech for himself because Romney didn't endorse anyone in it, says Levin. In other words, Romney's saying he's available at convention.

Maybe, but this doesn't explain why Romney didn't move earlier to stop Trump, nor does it cohere with the well known fact that Romney had to be persuaded to run in 2012. He didn't have the fire in the belly then, and he doesn't now.

Jeb dropped out 11 days ago (seems like an eternity, right?), but has been on the ropes since July 2015 when Trump began to eclipse him. That's seven long months ago and $150 million goes only so far. But crickets from Romney all during that time. The establishment hasn't had a viable alternative the whole time, either. Certainly not in Rubio, who fancies himself a Reagan conservative but who has only cozied up to the establishment as a political calculation late in the game.

Romney didn't move earlier because he's always been a spineless coward. He decided to act now because he felt he had enough cover from the many elites who had finally expressed their opposition to Trump in adequate number.

Romney wouldn't fight Obama for a similar reason. He didn't have enough any cover. Republicans have given Obama a pass every single day. Romney wouldn't even fight Candy Crowley. That's because establishment Republicans want media approval. They never fight the media.

Romney is a follower, not a leader, and that's why he's a loser.

But Trump is a leader and a fighter, and he's taking over the party. And he's going to be a winner, and already is.

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