Saturday, March 5, 2016

Grand Rapids, MI in February 2016 experienced a temperature anomaly of 2.7 degrees F above normal on average

Temperature averaged 29.5 degrees F.

The very long term mean average temperature in February, however, is 24.4 degrees F using the full NOWdata, so NOAA is saying the normal average is 26.8 based on a smaller data set which does not incorporate the full record available. Otherwise the anomaly would be 5.1 degrees F, not 2.7.

Do these people know what they're doing?

Precipitation was 0.99 inches above normal, coming in at 2.78 inches. The very long term mean precipitation average is 1.76 inches in February, however, not 1.79.

Snowfall was 14.8 inches, 1.7 inches above the mean average of 13.1 for the month calculated going back to the beginning of the record. January is typically the snowiest month at 18.5 inches, followed by December at 15.9 and then February at 13.1.

Heating degree days in February were 10.35% below the very long term mean of 1140 at 1022. Cumulatively for the season HDD are running 827 below normal (4077 v 4904), about 16.9% to date, thanks to the El Nino.

Partly due to the warmer winter weather than normal, my natural gas consumption in February is down almost 26% year over year. But I also remedied an attic insulation defect last summer.

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