Friday, March 11, 2016

Campaigning for Cruz: Limbaugh compares Donald Trump to Sean Penn. Isn't such a comparison a tactic of the left?

He just said Trump admires the strength of the Chicoms putting down the Tiananmen Square freedom movement the way Sean Penn admires the likes of communist strongmen Chavez and Castro.



Here's the money quote:

[Trump] was simply admiring the strength or pointing out what a powerfully strong government can do.  Hey, this is why what's-his-face, Sean Penn, loves Castro.  It's why Sean Penn loved what's-his-face down in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.  They envied the power.  No question about. 

Rush is willing to jettison conservative principles and cross this line because his loyalty to Ted Cruz is more important than those things are.

Total hypocrite. 

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