Monday, July 23, 2018

Why Hillary hates it now: Remembering Trump's completely unexpected landslide victory over Hillary in the Electoral College

Flashback Reuters October 15, 2016:

Hillary projected to win "by a margin of 118 Electoral College votes".

Or The New York Times October 17, 2016:

"The maneuvering speaks to the unexpected tension facing Mrs. Clinton as she hurtles toward what aides increasingly believe will be a decisive victory — a pleasant problem, for certain, but one that has nonetheless scrambled the campaign’s strategy weeks before Election Day: Should Mrs. Clinton maximize her own margin, aiming to flip as many red states as possible to run up an electoral landslide, or prioritize the party’s congressional fortunes, redirecting funds and energy down the ballot?"

Or International Business Times November 7, 2016 (Hillary +108):

"Emerson pollsters predicted Clinton will garner 323 electoral votes compared to 215 for Trump."