Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Bernie defends Medicare For All claiming on national healthcare spending it will save $30 billion a year on net

Bernie links to Jacobin Magazine here which discusses the savings as well as the irony of libertarians openly acknowledging those savings. The article laments their myopic focus on just the increased federal cost.

In the final analysis, the question is whether $30 billion is worth it to have your doctor earn only Medicare level rates instead of market rates.

What incentive does one have to go into medical practice knowing you'll no longer be able to make the big bucks? Mediocre prospects attract mediocre candidates.

What incentive will anyone have to innovate if there's nothing in it for them? Mediocrity will breed mediocrity.

These intangibles are the realm of the hidden hand operating in capitalism which makes it superior to socialism.

The depressing fact is that when Republicans are in charge they should be leading the charge toward a freer market in healthcare, but there is no manliness in libertarianism.

As a result the ladies of socialism are in charge of the conversation.