Thursday, November 10, 2016

The revulsion for Hillary election: In the top 14 states by population, 2016 turnout undershot 2008 by 5.4 million net

CA: down 4.7 million
TX: up 0.8 million
FL: up 1.0
NY: down 0.5
IL: down 0.1
PA: down 0.1
OH: down 0.4
GA: up 0.1
NC: up 0.4
MI: down 0.2
NJ: down 0.7
VA: up 0.2
WA: down 0.9
AZ: down 0.3

Back out CA and the net down is 0.7 million from 2008.

Trump states had turnout net up 1.3 million from 2008. In the traditionally Democrat states Trump won, it appears to be partly due to Democrats not turning out for Hillary. Only in VA did Trump lose where turn out was up from 2008.

Clinton states apart from CA had turnout net down 2 million from 2008. 

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