Tuesday, November 22, 2016

WaPo's The Daily 202 reports Democrat liberals, just like Kevin Williamson of National Review, think Ohio's working class whites are dinosaurs

I wonder when liberals are going to figure out John McCain in 2008 outperformed Hillary in 2016 by 360,000 votes in Ohio (Trump outperformed her by 455,000).

Here in "Rust Belt Dems broke for Trump because they thought Clinton cared more about bathrooms than jobs":

-- Is the Mahoning Valley ever coming back to the Democratic Party? Will Ohio be a swing state in 2020? These are questions many Democrats in D.C. are pondering. Both before and since the election, scores of liberals have complained about how much attention the 202 has given to the Rust Belt; they argue privately that these blue-collar, non-college-educated, white-working-class Democrats are dinosaurs. The future of the party, they think, lies in the Sunbelt, and they think Trump’s win has only accelerated this realignment.

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