Wednesday, November 9, 2016

That useless rag USA Today says turnout was up 4.7%, missing the revulsion election

"Voter turnout up 4.7% around the country", says that useless rag USA Away. 

The data in the upper Midwest says otherwise.

In Michigan, turnout was 4.7 million, a little lower than in 2012 when 4.8 million showed up. In 2008 5 million did.

In Wisconsin, turnout was 2.9 million vs. 3.1 million in 2012 and 3 million in 2008.

In Pennsylvania 6 million turned out yesterday, the same as in 2008, up slightly from 2012's 5.8 million.

In Ohio there's been a steady decline since 2008 when 5.7 million turned out. In 2012 it fell to 5.6 million and just 5.3 million in Election 2016.

When the final numbers come in, I'll bet we'll see this phenomenon of suppressed turnout in other places as well. And generally speaking, suppressed turnout favors Republicans because Republicans are often more energized, more scrupulous and more dutiful, as was the case yesterday.

What we had here was a revulsion election. People stayed home because they couldn't vote for either candidate. And because the voters found Hillary more intolerable than The Donald, Mr. Trump is our new president. The smoke generated by the ugliness of the battle on the field obscured the fact of troops staying behind in camp.

In the end America chose the rake over the robber, which was the right choice.

But don't confuse it with a sea change.

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