Monday, November 7, 2016

On the eve of Election 2016, Trump now needs just 4 Electoral College votes to win this thing tomorrow

Here is the No Toss-Ups map from Real Clear Politics, at 1940 hours.

As you can see, Trump just needs NH (Clinton +0.6) or PA (Clinton +1.9) or VA (Clinton +5) or MI (Clinton +3.4) or CO (Clinton +2.9) or NM (Clinton +5) to win this thing.

Come on people. Say No! to the establishment on both sides. Give Trump the chance to turn America around! Take the country back for the people!

This is undoubtedly your last chance. If Hillary is elected, your guns will go away, along with your ammo, freedom of speech will be curtailed, law and order will continue under assault as liberal appointees fill the judiciary, you will become dependent on government for healthcare, foreigners will flood the land even worse than before, your good paying jobs will fly away to cheaper markets abroad, taxes will soar, economic growth will continue to stagnate, and you'll be lucky to inherit your parents' house because you won't be able to afford one of your own. All because of "pussy". 

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