Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October 2016 climate summary for Grand Rapids, Michigan: 17th warmest on record and 8th wettest

October 2016 climate summary for Grand Rapids, Michigan

Average temperature was 54.7 degrees F. Normal is 51.3. The month ranked 17th warmest October since 1892.

The YTD average temperature was 54.2. The normal YTD average temperature is 51.1. The YTD average temperature in the hottest full year on record in 2012 was 55.8.

The lowest temperature in October was 33. The normal lowest temperature is 28. The highest temperature in October was 79, which is also the normal highest.

October 2016 was the 8th wettest on record with 6.15 inches of precipitation. Normal is 2.92 inches. YTD precipitation is 40.09 inches, normal 29.23.

There were 10 Cooling Degree Days in October. Normal is 8. YTD there were 936 CDD, the 15th warmest on record so far. Normal CDD is 694.

Heating Degree Days totaled 44 in September and 324 in October, for a total of 368 for the season so far. Normal HDD seasonally is as follows: July, 6, August, 14, September, 132 and October, 440 for a seasonal normal to date of 592.

Actual lower HDD were indicative of the warmer conditions prevailing after the end of the El Nino this summer. The Very Strong El Nino of 2015-16, averaging 1.43 on the index and 15 months long, was longer but weaker than the 1997-98 episode, which averaged 1.56 on the index and was 13 months long. The 1982-83 VSE averaged 1.3 on the index and was 15 months long.

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