Thursday, November 3, 2016

As polls tighten Trump campaign has been proven right about PA but should focus on CO, NH and VA instead of MI, WI and NM

Clinton's lead in PA is down to 3.4. That would be a huge coup for Trump.

Clinton's lead in CO is down to 1.7, in NH 3.3 and in VA 4.7. Go for those.

Clinton's lead in MI is 5.7, in WI 5.4, and in NM 8.5. Pretty far out of reach with five days to go.

Trump is still very vulnerable in FL (+0.7), NC (tie), ME-2 (Clinton +0.7), OH (+3.3) and IA (+1.4), as he is in AZ and NV where he has improved to +3 and +2 respectively.

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