Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Today's Electoral College snapshot from Real Clear Politics has Clinton winning 293-245

Real Clear Politics shows Trump with 164 in the Electoral College, Clinton with 200, and 174 too close to call.

Based only on polling in the toss-up states with 174 as of this morning, Trump wins AZ, IA, OH, ME-2, GA and FL, bringing him to 245, 25 shy of the 270 he needs to win.

Clinton wins NV, CO, WI, MI, PA, NH, VA and NC, bringing her to 293, 23 more than she needs to win.

If Clinton lost NC and NV where the polls are razor thin, she would still prevail with 272. Lose in addition either CO or VA where her lead is under +4 and she's a goner.

Trump is currently under +2 in AZ, OH and FL.

49 days to election day 2016.

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