Friday, September 23, 2016

Ted Cruz says he'll vote for Donald Trump as promised, urges you to join him, and says Hillary is wholly unacceptable

Here on Facebook, citing primarily Supreme Court appointments and the fate of the Bill of Rights, then the costs of ObamaCare for millions of Americans, the Democrat war on coal, oil and gas, the lawless executive illegal immigrant amnesty, threats to National Security from Muslim immigration, and Obama's giving up of US control of the internet.

That should also help him get reelected down in Texas.

Smart move. Really late, but a smart move.


  1. Informed Electorate called me previously under the guise of a poll. I answered a few short questions about who should have the most power in government: states or federal. I hung up before completing a longer survey. I was recontacted by them today, and the 'pollster' reminded me of our previous conversation. He proceeded to try to get me to agree with him, that when the government sees the results of Informed Electorate's polls, it will make changes to support the will of the people. I disagreed with this, evidenced with President Trump's 16% approval rating, that government isn't driven to change due to opinion polls. He proceeded to ask me for $30 contribution to advance Informed Electorate's pollster costs. I refused and hung up. This 'pollster' was trying to shape my opinion so that I found his organization as a useful service, and thus would give him money. This has all the earmarks of a scam.

    1. You are invited to repost this at one of the two blogs on the Informed Electorate Pac, where its utility might be increased on those who doubt it is a scam. Congratulations for refusing to be gaslighted.