Monday, September 19, 2016

Pal of WaPo's Jennifer Rubin blames defeat of Romney on the mistaken idea of the decline of White Christian America

This is pure voter suppression on Jennifer Rubin's part.

White America isn't in decline. It's just that no one appeals to their interests anymore because it has been politically incorrect to do so.

The fact is that Romney received less than 59% of the white vote in 21 states and lost the white vote outright in 8, losing all 21 states to Obama in the process. But even as bad as that was, with just an 8% better performance among whites in only four states in the east Romney would still have defeated Obama.

Robert P. Jones, here, whose numbers are not granular, which is what is required for sound political analysis but not at WaPo (because it's a Democrat typing pool):

In the last presidential election, for example, about eight in ten of Mitt Romney’s supporters were white Christians, compared to only about one third of Barack Obama’s supporters.

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