Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hillary's Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills' MO since the 1990s has been to lose, withhold, suppress and destroy evidence, and FBI director James Comey let her do it all again

From Paul Sperry, here:
  • During the Whitewater investigation a burglar conveniently stole her notes, obstructing justice
  • In a subsequent scandal the House referred her to the Justice Department on charges of obstruction and perjury for withholding documents and lying under oath
  • In 2000 she suborned obstruction according to the testimony of a Commerce Dept. official she pressured to withhold evidence
  • At the same time she went on to claim that 1.8 million subpoenaed emails involving the Lewinsky Affair were lost due to a technical glitch with White House computers
  • In 2012 it was Mills who decided which emails about Benghazi were passed along to investigators, or not
  • A deputy US ambassador testified Mills pressured him not to cooperate with investigators
  • Mills moved Hillary's emails off the private server onto laptops and then decided which were public and which were private, and in the end had those laptops bleached clean
  • Mills ordered the Denver technician to delete Hillary's email archive after the House ordered it preserved

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