Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Up on average by 7.5 points in four poll reversals, Trump loses to Cruz by 3.4 points in Iowa after atypical 50% higher turnout

Before Trump reversed them, Cruz had been ahead in 4 polls by an average of 5.8 points per Real Clear Politics
The Cruz campaign made a liar of the polls which showed his lead reversed by Trump in the weeks leading up to the Iowa Caucus last night. His superior ground game helped spur a massive turnout in excess of 185,000 when closer to 120,000 typically show. Trump had nothing similar on the ground and narrowly came in second ahead of the surging Marco Rubio. Look for more establishment money to get behind Rubio in coming days in an effort to stop Trump in New Hampshire and South Carolina. It's gut check time for Trump.

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders is making life very difficult for Hillary Clinton.

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