Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fake conservatives Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz both voted to confirm Sri Srinivasan AFTER he led the charge against DOMA

Freshman Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both voted to confirm Sri Srinivasan, the most likely successor to Antonin Scalia, to the DC Circuit in May 2013 JUST TWO MONTHS AFTER Srinivasan helped lead the Obama regime's charge against the Defense of Marriage Act in March 2013 (US v Windsor) as Deputy Solicitor General. Cruz and Rubio are both fake conservatives.

From the discussion here:

As deputy solicitor general, Srinivasan led the Obama administration’s case against the Defense of Marriage Act, which resulted in same-sex marriage becoming constitutional throughout the country, as well as cases in favor of affirmative action policies and opposing restrictive voting laws. ... Srikanth “Sri” Srinivasan would not be the first Supreme Court justice to be nominated in an election year. In 1988, the last year of his second term, President Ronald Reagan nominated Anthony Kennedy to the court.

And that didn't work out so well, either, did it: Kennedy led the charge overturning sodomy laws in 2003 and wrote for the majority making same sex marriage legal nationwide under Obama in 2015.

Here's Marco Rubio lying in the South Carolina debate about marriage:

If you elect me president, we are going to re-embrace free enterprise so that everyone can go as far as their talent and their work will take them. We are going to be a country that says that, "life begins at conception and life is worthy of the protection of our laws." We're going to be a country that says. "that marriage is between one man and one woman."

And here's Ted Cruz lying:

And today, we saw just how great the stakes are, two branches of government hang in the balance. Not just the presidency but the Supreme Court. If we get this wrong, if we nominate the wrong candidates, the Second Amendment, life, marriage, religious, liberty - everyone of those hangs in the balance.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz both voted to advance our enemy, but claim to be on our side.

They're both fakes whom conservatives shouldn't trust as far as they can be thrown.

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