Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jeb Bush, the Obamacare pot, calls the kettle John Kasich black for expanding Obamacare in Ohio

Tenet Healthcare stock while Jeb Bush was a director

The Hill reports here:

The “telling thing” about Kasich, Bush said, is that “when he had a chance, he expanded ObamaCare through Medicaid. Governors across this country had a chance to take a stand against ObamaCare, many did. In Ohio it was expanded, and he’ll have to explain that down here, where ObamaCare, people want it repealed, they don’t want it expanded,” Bush added. 

Bush made a small fortune as a Tenet Healthcare director from 2007-2014, a company which profited from increased utilization of hospital services under Obamacare. He conveniently sold the bulk of his stock near its peak during his tenure, at the beginning of October 2014. The stock has more than halved since then. 

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