Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump in August 2013: The people I resonate best with, my base, are poor people and blue collar people, working class people

Here, with Greta Van Susteren during one of Obama's sumptuous, too long vacations in August 2013.

Trump is winning today because he has long understood who is his base, what to say to it, and how to keep it.

The histrionic invectives against Trump by elites in the political parties, government,  the media, entertainment, the academy and the church are really invectives against the people who still work, who make this country work.

If elites want to stop Trump, the only way they can do it is to co-op the support of the working class, and unfortunately for the elites, they've erected an entire system over decades designed explicitly to screw the working class.

The chickens . . . have come home . . . to roost.

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