Sunday, February 14, 2016

Jeb Bush deserved everything he got from Trump at the SC debate

In the run-up to this South Carolina debate, Jeb Bush said Donald Trump would make a worse president than Barack Obama.

And now Little Jebbie is surprised The Donald won't shake his hand after the debate?

Jeb deserved everything Trump said about him and more (debate transcript here). This is a war for the soul of the Republican Party, and it's high time someone had the balls to tell the Bushes to go to hell. They've been anti-Reagan from the beginning and never defended his legacy, and 41 and 43 were terrible presidents who raised taxes (41 gladly accepted the Democrats' Profiles in Courage Award for raising them), fumbled three wars, grew the size of government, actively worked against those trying to stem the tide of illegal immigration and shipped America's jobs to China by the boatload.

Under George's watch the World Trade Center came down to kick off his presidency, and to end it he proudly announced that he had abandoned free market principles in order to save the free market system!

Republicans need to be rid of the Bushes once and for all.

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