Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stupid white liberals: Our insane leaders are preparing to require women to register for the draft

The Military Times reports here:

The Army and Marine Corps' top uniformed leaders both backed making women register for the draft as all combat roles are opened to them in coming months, a sweeping social change that could complicate the military’s gender integration plans. ...

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus Jr. said there needs to be “a national debate” over what the changes mean, balancing social concerns over the idea of drafting women with the reality of national security and military readiness. ...

“It's my personal view in light of integration that every American physically qualified should register for the draft,” Neller said. Milley echoed those remarks, saying “all eligible men and women” should be required to register.

The faces of the insane:

Sec. Ray Mabus

Gen. Robert Neller
Gen. Mark Milley

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