Tuesday, February 9, 2016

RNC and Marco Rubio linked to law firm thought to be behind New Hampshire voter shaming letters

From the story here:

LawNewz.com dug through publically available records, and found the group is linked to a well-known DC lobbying/election law firm, which as recently as 2012 had ties to the Marco Rubio campaign.... Federal Election Commission records reveal that as recently as 2012, the Marco Rubio campaign paid this law firm for services. Bloomberg reports that in 2011-2013 election cycle, the Republican National Committee and Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign, spent $1.7 million for the firm’s services. LawNewz.com reached out to the Rubio campaign as well as the law firm for comment, but have yet to hear back. It is unclear if Rubio made any recent payments to the firm or any of their LLCs this election cycle.

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