Tuesday, February 9, 2016

As usual Rush Limbaugh gets it wrong, this time on the Emerson poll in Iowa and in New Hampshire

Here today:

There's an Emerson poll.  The Emerson poll has... What does the Emerson have?  Emerson poll has a shock. Find the Emerson poll.  Emerson poll.  Bush in second place and Rubio slipping to fourth, and everybody says, "Emerson poll? What the hell is the Emerson poll?"  It's a student poll.  Okay, so why does it matter?  Well, because they called Iowa.  Yeah.  Emerson was the only polling outfit that said Trump was not gonna win Iowa.  It had Trump and Cruz finishing in a tie.

No. And No.

Emerson had the Iowa race tightening to nearly even, but Trump was still +1 in the Emerson. Three major polls showed Trump reversing Cruz' lead, and all the polls after the first Emerson poll showed Trump winning. Even the Des Moines Register got it wrong. And of course Rush never mentions Cruz' cheating in Iowa against Carson and how the math involved mentioned by Karl Rove easily could have made the difference to Trump winning instead of Cruz.

And in New Hampshire, as we pointed out yesterday, Bush was second in the Emerson over a week ago but has DROPPED 2 points. Even Hannity is repeating similar drivel today about the Emerson poll. Bush in second according to the Emerson poll isn't news.

And there ends this episode of Dumb and Dumber.  

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