Friday, December 4, 2015

"Racist" isn't working against Trump, so now they'll try "fascist"

Ross Douthat, here, where else?, in The New York Times, attempting to lay the groundwork from the right:

'Whether or not we want to call Trump a fascist outright, then, it seems fair to say that he’s closer to the “proto-fascist” zone on the political spectrum than either the average American conservative or his recent predecessors in right-wing populism.'

The critique is almost entirely non-economic and preoccupied with Trump's style, tone and passions, which makes sense since Americans of all political stripes are blind to the essential character of America as a form of state capitalism. Our politics left and right has stewed in that soup from the very beginning when the colonies were formed as corporate instrumentalities of the British Crown, financed by the Bank of England. We can hardly imagine any other economic arrangement. It only comes up momentarily in our politics when our/their cronies get exposed, and then quickly fizzles away when the truth becomes too difficult to face, restoring business as usual.

Just ask the bankers.

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