Saturday, December 12, 2015

Crack-smoking Jeb Bush supporters in the US House float Paul Ryan for president at a brokered convention

Well, at least you know they think Jeb! is already dead.

But then you also know what kind of Republican they think Paul Ryan is.


The Hill reports here:

'A small chorus of voices even floated new Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as a possible nominee if no-one captures the majority of the 2,470 delegates by the time the convention kicks off. ... “I have broad disagreement with Donald Trump. If he is our nominee, I think he loses, I think Republicans lose the Senate, he puts the House at risk and sends the party into the wilderness for the next decade,” said Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.), a Jeb Bush backer who this week called for Trump to quit the race. “If there is a mechanism to make sure somebody other than Donald Trump wins the nomination, I think that is a good thing for Republicans.” Fellow Florida Republican and Bush supporter, Rep. Carlos Curbelo, agreed: “I wouldn’t support Donald Trump for president if he were our nominee. I would support any reasonable idea to find a better nominee.” ... “I’m thinking about running to be a delegate because I think we may well be in a brokered convention,” [Rep. Luke] Messer [IN-6], another Bush supporter, said in an interview. “In that scenario, who knows? You may have Paul Ryan end up being president.” ... “I really think the Speaker is setting himself up to be considered for the nominee in the case there is a brokered convention,” said [an unnamed] GOP lawmaker, who already has endorsed in the primary.'

These assholes made a big deal of Trump taking the pledge when it's they who should be taking it. The Republican Party. Full of liberal projection syndrome.

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