Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fading Carson poses as the kinder, gentler candidate on illegal immigration in Iowa appearance

Here's the lead:

ORANGE CITY — Ben Carson on Friday jabbed at the strict immigration policies of Republican opponents while outlining a strategy he deems “humane and reasonable” for undocumented immigrants.

Carson is not aiming for much and therefore won't get much if elected.

Separately, Carson recently said here that he'd be a one-term president:

"If I'm successful in this endeavor to become president of the United States, it's very likely I would be a one-term president," Carson said at a Republican gathering in Las Vegas on Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported. "Because there are some tough things we have to attack."

As successful as Carson has been in his career, politically he is suffering from a lack of imagination and ambition, which is already working against him.

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