Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mollie Hemingway doesn't get it that Donald Trump IS the balance

If you can get through all the emoting, you reach this at the end, here:

"Yes, the media industry is just a way to make money via entertaining presentation of the news, and, yes, Trump is getting the media clicks we only dream about. But if there is any sense of gratitude for the role we’re allowed to play in the project of maintaining a civil society, could we just work to achieve a bit more balance? Neither self-abasing freakouts nor servile accommodations regarding Trump?"

When Barack Obama promised he'd transform America, no one knew that he meant with Donald Trump. The Donald is the Yang to Obama's Yin. When Trump is finished, the country might be ready to move along again after the male point of view has had its way with the country for a few years. Like Melania, I'm sure she'll enjoy it.

I'm not criticizing the girl for missing it. She's just a girl.

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