Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mollie Hemingway throws together a litany of James Comey's many misdeeds and mistakes

But stops short of calling Comey a law unto himself for some reason, which is what he is.

The article reads like it was written to meet a deadline, and suffers for it.

The best reminder in the story is that under Comey the FBI destroyed evidence, just like Hillary did, for which they both should be in prison:

[U]pon learning that two Clinton staff members had classified information, the FBI didn’t subpoena those computers but gave the employees immunity in return for giving them up. The FBI severely limited their own searches for data on the computers and then destroyed them. A technician who destroyed evidence lied to FBI investigators even after he received immunity, and Comey did nothing. And after the FBI discovered that President Obama had communicated with Clinton on the non-secure server, Obama said he didn’t think Clinton should be charged with a crime because she hadn’t intended to harm national security. As former Attorney General Michael Mukasey noted, “As indefensible as his legal reasoning may have been, his practical reasoning is apparent: If Mrs. Clinton was at criminal risk for communicating on her nonsecure system, so was he.”

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