Thursday, June 8, 2017

Comey joined the resistance: Never had a habit of writing memos before Trump was elected

Which is quite the admission given all the crap Obama & Co. perpetrated over the years, to which he was privy.

Comey is a NeverTrumper and the personification of the deep state.

From the story here:

Mr. Comey said he began taking notes on his meetings with the president because, from his first interaction with him, during the transition period, he thought Mr. Trump might lie about what was said.

He testified that he documented all of his meetings with Mr. Trump because it was so unusual for him to be discussing ongoing investigations, alone, with a sitting president. Mr. Comey had served in senior law enforcement positions under three presidents.

“The combination of factors just wasn’t present with either President Bush or President Obama,” he said.

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