Sunday, August 21, 2016

How to know the WaPo/ABCNews poll showing Clinton +8 overpolled northeastern liberals

The poll here ("detailed" view), still included in the Real Clear Politics presidential average this morning, gives away its northern liberal pedigree in the ZIKA questions appearing at the end.

Apart from the fact that Republicans represented only 23% of the sample, by question 33 you start to get the feeling that this poll comes primarily from the Acela Northeast corridor where the denizens of the Establishment live and have a clear interest in seeing the status quo maintained: Fully 58% want an Establishment president in November, not an outsider like Donald Trump.

This feeling is confirmed by question 48: Just 35% are somewhat or very worried about a ZIKA outbreak personally affecting them. Well of course not, not if you live up north. What? Me worry?

In question 49, the last in the poll, fully 69% are somewhat or very convinced that the Feds can handle anything ZIKA throws our way. The Federal Government is nothing if not competent, you see. We ought to know. We work there. Please keep sending your tax dollars to Washington.

Oh yeah, and 56% of them love Bill Clinton.

Once again, this is polling to shape opinion, not measure it. Otherwise known as the Democrats using all means at their disposal to suppress the Republican vote by demoralizing it, trying to get them to believe the election is already over, so you might as well give up now.

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