Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rush features Dinesh D'Souza blaming Democrats for DIRECTLY inspiring Hitler

Here, discussing points from his forthcoming book:

Hitler got the idea [of German expansion in Europe] from the Jacksonian Democrats of the 19th century [who violated the treaties with the American Indians and drove them west]. ...

[O]ne of the Nazis ... who happened to have studied in America, basically told the Nazis ... you can’t start the world’s first racist state because the Democrats in the American south have already done it. ... [A]ll the things we’re talking about — outlawing intermarriage, segregation, discrimination — they already have these laws; they exist. So what we have to do, he said, is take the Democratic laws, cross out the word ‘black’ and write in the word ‘Jew’ and we’re home free. So the Nazis then began a detailed examination of the Democratic Party laws. ...

The Nazis, in the 1930s, based both their forced-sterilization laws as well as their euthanasia laws on the models that had been created by Margaret Sanger. As Margaret Sanger said, “More children from the fit and less from the unfit,” and that’s how she viewed birth control. And not as a matter of giving every woman a choice, but as a matter of convincing the sort of, the successful and the fit, to have more kids and the unsuccessful — the sick, the “imbeciles” and what she considered to be the disposable people — essentially to prevent them from “breeding” altogether.

The other idea that a California eugenicist named Paul Popenoe had proposed ... “We have all these useless people who are already born, and so it’s not enough to have sterilization. We have to have euthanasia. We have to kill these people off. The first people that they killed were not the Jews. They were the sick, the disabled, the group that was called “imbeciles.” And later, the Nazi euthanasia program was expanded into Hitler’s Final Solution.

Those footnotes better be good.

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