Monday, July 3, 2017

Grand Rapids, Michigan, climate update for June 2017

Mean average temperature was 69.5 degrees F in June 2017 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The mean is 67.6.

The lowest minimum temperature was 46. The mean is 43.

The highest maximum temperature was 93. The mean is 91.

Precipitation was 4.88 inches. The mean is 3.55.

Snowfall was zero. Seasonal snowfall 2016-2017 ends at 60.1 inches. The mean is 66.6.

Heating degree days came to 22. The mean is 54. The season ends with 5635, the fifth warmest on record. The mean is 6703. Seasonal maximum is 7712. Seasonal minimum is 5253.

Cooling degree days to date come to 162. The mean to date is 139. Seasonal maximum is 1200. Seasonal minimum is 316. 

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