Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Meanwhile the redundant Damon Linker is just fine with a thieving lefty as defacto head of the Democrat Party

Here in "Democrats don't need 'A Better Deal.' They need Bernie Sanders":

That he was an independent who became a Democrat solely for the purpose of running for president and spent a good deal of time on the stump railing against the party's choice to succeed Barack Obama as president is just one reason why he should be treated as the party's de facto leader and its presumptive presidential frontrunner — and why he should have been the one to craft and deliver the party's message heading into the midterms. ... Populism is a politics of anger. It needn't escalate to violence. It shouldn't tear down institutions that can be reformed in productive ways. But it does need to channel the passion for justice and give voice to justified resentments.

Emotion, not reason, has the better of a person who can write that, or "who is sufficiently woke enough" and "now, at long last . . . has finally . . .."

If you get WaPo delivered and live next to Damon Linker, make sure you are "woke" before he is or you might be out of luck. 

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